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“More than 64 percent of the students achieved Honor Roll status this report card and 36 percent of those achieved the elite status of High Honor Roll. Overall, FestaVille students achieved an average of 90 percent on their report cards.”
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The peace of mind that Festaville provides to me is unparalleled! As a widowed, full time working Mom, I am relieved that my kids are transported to the program from their elementary school. When they arrive at the program, they complete their homework with a certified teacher before being given countless opportunities to occupy themselves based on their interests. The hours are convenient, and the price is affordable! I am extremely grateful for our Festaville family!
Debra DiTuri 12/3/2021
My family is so happy with the FestaVille program!  My son attended FestaVille for 2 years at the Felix Festa location and now both my children attend at the Clarkstown Learning Center.  My children love going each day because of all the fun activities.  They often ask me NOT to come immediately after work to pick them up so they can stay longer!  Ms. Susan always has creative art projects and in the warmer weather my children love being able to play outside.  Homework is always completed at the program.  It is a relief as a working parent to know there are teachers available to help your child and the homework is done. The communication from Mr.and Mrs. Mikesh is excellent. I am so thankful for this fantastic program!
Tara Gabrielson 12/3/2021
Greg and Debra do a great job at not only keeping kids safe and welcome, but fostering academic and social growth.  My kids always come home happy with homework completed.  The pizza Friday and other special activities are a nice bonus as well.
Steve and Mallory Greenberg 12/3/2021
Our family can’t say enough wonderful things about Festaville!  We know our children are engaged and having fun after school each day. The staff is friendly and caring, always helpful with homework, and ready to play outside or work on a beautiful craft! The children have options like electronics and the game room, as well as special activities such as pizza and movie parties. Thank you for making our children feel safe and happy everyday!
Ashley Chippa 12/3/2021
My boys started in Festaville in 2019. During COVID quarantine, my work hours were changed and we no longer needed after school care. My kids requested to go back to Festaville because they enjoy it. The teachers/ TAs help them with their homework. Greg is great at replying back to your emails/ questions. There are lots of indoor and outdoor activities for the kids. 
Amy Dave 12/3/2021
We are so happy with Festaville!! My daughter has her homework done every day. The teachers are so warm and helpful!! She does art projects and plays outside. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you!!
Tamara Greene 12/3/2021
My son, Jackson, a 4th grader, has been attending Festaville for the past couple of months. My family and I are so grateful to the Mikesh’s and the entire Festaville staff for the quality of service they provide to all the students. Jackson arrives home every day with his homework completed and corrected. There is always someone there to clarify any questions he may have about assignments. The level of supervision is unparalleled. Students have a variety of choice in activities. FestaVille offers stimulating enrichment programs, and my son loves the special snacks on Friday! When Jackson was enrolled in another after-school program, my husband and I dreaded the daily arguments about incomplete homework. The situation made us feel villainous. This no longer exists! There is an expectation at Festaville that everyone will complete his/her homework completely and correctly. This has changed my family dynamic. We are now able to attend other engagements with the peace of mind that his academic responsibilities are fulfilled. As a working mom, I want to thank the Mikesh’s and all of the Festaville staff members for providing a superior service to the community!
Iliana MacRae 3/13/2019
“When I walk in to Festaville after a long day at work to pick up my children I can’t help but smile! So many children all engaged in so many activities… homework, computer lab, the gymnasium, craft making projects which includes the ultimate fun… slime! You may also see kids on tablets or ipads, and, weather permitting, playing a game of football or baseball outside. There’s a pizza party each month to celebrate birthdays, as well as a “guest visitor”, such as Outragehisss Pets or BubbleMania… Never a dull moment for the children at Festaville!  For the parents of the children who attend Festaville, the best part is knowing your children are in a safe, fun, and educational environment.
The staff at Festaville are amazing! They’re kind, compassionate and treat each child as though they were their own.
Our children are the most important people in our live’s, and I wouldn’t leave them in the care of just anyone… this is why I’m so very grateful to have found Festaville. 
I’m confident that you will NOT be disappointed.
Thank you Greg and Debbie for the wonderful work you do!
Katie and Brendan McGarry
Elain and Patrick too! 1/11/2019
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my experience with the after school program that’s run by Greg and Debra Mikesh.
We moved to New City about 4 years ago and enrolled my son into Laurel Plains. At that time we were bummed out because the Y after school program was filled and we were wait listed. Shortly after my son came home with a flyer from school that provided details about Festaville. We figured we would enroll him in Festaville for a bit until the Y contacted us with an opening.
What a great surprise!!! I couldn’t be happier about having Festaville in our lives. So much so that when the Y finally did call, we passed on them. We love the work and care that the teachers at Festaville put into the program and have also enrolled our daughter. Proof positive on how fabulous the program is for both kids and parents is evident when I pick my kids up, they always ask if I can come back and pick them up later because they don’t want to go home yet. That’s a true testament to the success of the program as is the constant good grades they both earn. I attribute that to the teachers at Festaville who carefully and patiently do their homework with them.
Often times people only reach out when there is a problem so I wanted to share our positive experiences with you and thank Greg, Debra and the rest of the staff on an amazing job.
Kosha Diaz 1/11/2019
We are so happy with the FestaVille After School program. Our daughter, who is special needs, has been attending this program daily since September 2017.  She loves it so much that she “warns” us not to pick her up early so she can have fun with friends after her homework gets done. Her assistant, Mrs.D (Mrs. JoanMarie Devries), is AMAZING!! She pays close attention to our daughter’s every need. We are always welcomed warmly and attentively by other staff members when we come to pick her up at the end of the day. 
Thank you Mr. and Mrs  Mikesh  for providing such an excellent after school program!
Nana and Steve Goudsmith 12/13/18
“We have been very pleased with the Festaville K to 5th After School program.  Experienced certified teachers assist our daughters with their homework before they have access to a range of fun activities to do.  These include arts and crafts, a full size computer room, an iPad table, as well as outside games (weather permitting).   Festaville will also bring in outside guests at times, such as a petting zoo, and they will sometimes have a movie for the kids on Fun Fridays.  Their teachers have also been genuinely responsive to feedback about homework. Unlike Summer camps the girls have attended, where after a couple of weeks, they will get bored and want to leave the program early, my daughters have never asked to leave Festaville early in the three months they have been in attendance.  In fact, they actually express disappointment if I arrive too early to pick them up.   By my observation, the children are collectively expanding their social network, as well as their indirect familiarity with the middle school, which will likely ease their future transition to the 6th grade.  Luckily Festaville also has a separate, adjoining After School program for 6th to 8th grades.  We have the option for great After School coverage up through high school!”
John McGinley 12/13/2018
“FestaVille’s program has been absolutely amazing! The staff includes teachers and teaching assistants who provide assistance with getting homework done on a daily basis. They all have taken the time to get to know my kids, as individuals, and treat them like a part of their family. There is always a variety of activities to choose from, as well as special programs that are brought in, on a regular basis.”
Laura Miller 12/5/2018
FestaVille is by far the best after school care program in the Clarkstown school district. Our son Jacob loves to work with Susan at the arts and crafts table. Brad loves working in the computer room. They alway come home happy and at times want to stay longer. Their homework is always done when they come home. I believe the program is teaching them to have good school habits, but they also have people on staff who are familiar with what the kids are learning and how it’s being taught. Thanks again for everything you do. FestaVille is a blessing.
Robert and Elaine Hau 12/5/2018
Over the past two years, Festaville has provided an amazing after school experience for our children. The experienced staff is very caring and Mr. And Mrs. Mikesh are very accommodating to the needs of our family.  Our minds are at ease knowing that our children are in a safe and nurturing environment, receiving support with their homework and enjoying a variety of fun activities at the end of a long school day. They are in great hands at Festaville!
Mike and Jen Addeo 12/5/2018
Festaville has been wonderful for both my son and my family.  I felt quite comfortable right from the beginning utilizing their services.  Not only does my child enjoy all of the activities, but he comes home with his homework done every day without fail.  I’ve gotten spoiled!  I have found the staff to be caring and friendly, professional and kind.  Mr. & Mrs. Mikesh have always made themselves available for a conversation, a quick hello or a warm smile.   So happy to be part of this program!
Aydin & Dawn Cafer 12/5/2018
Our children enjoy going to FestaVille. They’ve made many new friends from the different elementary schools within the school district. This made the transition from fifth grade to sixth grade much easier for our son. I’m sure it will be the same for our daughter. They have also enjoy the many different activities that FestaVille offers. They are never bored. One of the best features of the program is that homework is done and checked by teachers. In the past, it was difficult to get our children to do homework after a long day of school, afterschool, and coming home closer to dinnertime. They were usually exhausted. With our children attending FestaVille, it allows us to have more family time together and not have to be stressed about doing homework with tired children.
Andre and Kathryn Persaud 12/2/18
“We would like to express how grateful and happy we are with FestaVille after school program at Felix Festa Middle School.” “Mr. and Mrs. Mikesh’s leadership and mentoring are admirable. The girls have learned better values of teamwork, leadership, positive behavior and most importantly self-confidence.” “FestaVille is an exemplary program and we wish it continued success for the benefit of any and all students joining in.”
Nelson Wong 1/29/2016  
“Festaville has turned out to be the best run afterschool program in Rockland, that we’ve participated in.”  “The program is staffed with experienced, trained professionals that deliver with their heart and soul, each and every day. I couldn’t be happier that not only was this program available to us, but that my son is growing, learning and thriving in a way I never imagined or anticipated.”
Janet Soriano 11/3/2016
“I consider myself a very selective parent and research every avenue in regards to my boys’ education.”  “After a month into attending FestaVille, I realized that the program provided so much more than I anticipated.”  “Since I work late, it is a huge relief knowing homework is completed to the highest standard which allows me to spend more quality time with my boys at home.” ‘I have the utmost gratitude and appreciation for all of the staff at FestaVille.  I highly recommend this program to all students with all diverse needs.  As a parent, I feel so lucky to have such a high quality after school program offered in our district.” 
Jackie Lewis 11/5/2016
“During the summer before my son entered 7th grade, I heard from a friend about Festaville. I did not even realize it was being run by Greg and his wife, Debbie. Biggest blessing ever!” “This awesome and professional staff cannot be compared. Cameron has grown tremendously since he began Middle School and I believe part of this is due to the continued support and encouragement of Greg and Debbie and their staff.” “There are not enough great things to say about Greg, Debbie and the Festaville staff and program! I highly recommend it to anyone in need of after-school care.”
Patti Stone   11/15/2016